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Pain Warriors Unite

Calling ALL Pain Warriors, It's NOW or NEVER!

#1 Call to Action


Each of the memes below is a link that will open in a new page to a shareable and printable PDF that needs to be in the hands of every physician/clinic owner, medical board, state and federal policy maker, and possibly most important: every MEDIA outlet in the USA!

If we wait until the CDC and/or FDA do this for us, it could be another three years of fighting state laws, federal laws, and little support from anyone. 

The first people to reach out to are your Members of Congress.  As always, we suggest calling them first to ask for the best/current email for the health staffer and ask whoever answers the phone to pass along a message to the health staffer that you are sending recently released documents straight from the CDC, FDA, and HHS Pain Task Force regarding opioid prescribing and the CDC Guidelines. Then send these documents/links to the email addresses you just received with a paragraph about how the CDC Guidelines and forced tapering have affected your quality of life. 

Finally, wrap up the email asking them to increase congressional investigation/oversight of the CDC Guidelines’ unintended consequences and of the weaponization of the Guideline by the DEA/DOJ using unfair strong armed tactics to target, investigate, and prosecute health care providers by circumventing due process under the law. 

Who do i call first?

Click below to Locate your State & Federal Elected Officials' Contact Information.

FDA Safety notice


The FDA has acknowledged the harms from sudden discontinuation of opioid pain medications. They are now requiring a label change to ensure gradual individualized tapers, when necessary.  

Clarification of CDC Guideline


 EXCERPT: “The Guideline is NOT intended to deny any patients who suffer with chronic pain from opioid therapy as an option for pain management... Clinical decision-making should be based on the relationship between the clinician and patient...”

AMA Resolution 235


Human Rights Watch Report


NAAG Letter of Contempt


HHS Task Force Final Report