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Human Rights Watch Report Re: CPP'S Released

We need ALL hands on deck!

**** Attention ALL CPP'S ****

Urgent IMMEDIATE Action Needed NOW!

Re:  Human Rights Watch Report 

Fellow Warriors, 

Human Rights Watch has released their 109 page Report entitled “Not Allowed to Be Compassionate”

Chronic Pain, the Overdose Crisis, and Unintended Harms in the U.S. 

This is a significant milestone for pain patients, and gives us the footing to take the necessary steps to actually garner the respect and attention we deserve. 

This will lay the groundwork to ensure that our Representatives put protections in place for both physicians and pain patients, and ultimately implement a National Pain Policy to clearly define and stipulate said protections.

We need ALL hands on deck to take immediate action in order to get this Report into the hands of our State and Federal Representatives & Regulatory Agencies.  

You can read the Human Rights Watch Report in its entirety here:

The Summary of Recommendations (Page 16 & 17) can be found here:

Link to Summary of Recommendations

In order to expedite & use this information to our advantage, we need YOU to take the following steps:


1. Who do you need to call? 

Federal Level: 

Both of YOUR U.S. Senators & 1 U.S. Representative


State Level: 

Governor's Office (Constituent Services), State Senator & State Assembly Representative, State Attorney General, State Medical Board, Narcotics Board, and Pharmacy Board. 

2. What do you need to SAY? 

EXPLAIN that Human Rights Watch has released their Report which acknowledges the mistreatment of Pain Patients.

ASK for an active email address that's monitored daily.

TELL each of them to expect an URGENT email with the full Report from Human Rights Watch.  

3. SEND each of them an email: 

Copy and paste the FORM LETTER below to email each of the State and Federal Representatives & Agencies you contacted.  (Don't forget to add your own contact information on the bottom of your email letter.)


Link to  the form Letter Including Links & Detailed Instructions

If you have any questions or need assistance please feel free to reach out! 

Link to Report & Video

December 18, 2018 Report

Chronic Pain, the Overdose Crisis, and Unintended Harms in the US

Watch Video Here:



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