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Tools For You

Tools To Educate Yourself

START HERE! Everyone needs to know the facts. How can we educate others if we do not know what facts are the Truth vs Hype? patient advocacy pain management


Form Letters & Templates

You can use these Templates  to Email Federal and State Policy Makers to request a meeting, phone conference or Town Hall event.  We've included tips and instructions too.  Feel free to personalize and make them your own! patient advocacy pain management


What to Say to Your Representatives

Locate & call your State and Federal Representatives.  

THIS ALL IN ONE TOOL INCLUDES A HANDY PHONE SCRIPT! patient advocacy pain management


Tools To Give Your Doctor

Share this information with Doctors and Medical Professionals &  ask pointed questions about how they're being affected by  pressure from Government Agencies. 

Ask if you can leave some Flyers & Brochures behind & encourage them to join our fight! pain management


Media Contacts

Here is an updated List and useful links that can be used to contact local & national media sources. patient advocacy pain management

Contact the Media

Advocacy Tools

Advocacy Tools for you.

Click Below for a Guide to Help & Assist you Advocate for Yourself or a Loved One. patient advocacy pain management

Advocacy Guide

Contact the Media

Downloadable Forms & Files

Each of these Files, Templates, Charts, Brochures and Packets can be used & shared to educate others about what is REALLY happening to Chronic/Intractable Pain Patients and the doctors that dare to treat them in today's political climate.

Please see the list below. patient advocacy pain management


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