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Pain Warriors Unite

Calling ALL Pain Warriors, It's NOW or NEVER!


One Mission - One Goal

Pain Warriors Unite

 We are experiencing a politically manufactured crisis that has allowed the government to take control of, and permanently damage, the sacred Doctor/patient relationship. This climate fosters the utter damnation and vilification of prescription pain medication by our government agencies targeted towards anyone who dares to use or prescribe opioids for legitimate medical purposes.

 Fellow Warriors, 

This is it!  We've all been talking about it,  hundreds of group members have been begging for this moment,  so let's get the show on the road!  There are COUNTLESS Facebook groups fighting for the same cause yet our efforts don't seem to be resonating with the powers that be because on the surface our numbers do not seem impressive to them.  


WE NEED TO CHANGE THAT.   It's time to JOIN together from coast to coast and step up our efforts on every level. 

Many group leaders have been collaborating TOGETHER to create this neutral website for the sole purpose of UNITING ALL PAIN GROUPS including anyone & everyone being affected by the restrictions being forced upon people in pain.  

This website gives everyone full access to all the tools needed to advocate for our collective cause as one UNITED front with one UNITED message


Please take a look around and share far and wide.  We will be adding information daily, but most importantly it will list the latest CALLS TO ACTION and pertinent information, deadlines, and links about upcoming legislation and events to share on all social media platforms.   We're so excited and hopeful that TOGETHER we will be successful and turn this injustice into VICTORY for millions of suffering pain patients around our Country! 

Who Are We?

PAIN WARRIORS UNITE is a volunteer driven, grassroots collaborative organization consisting of intractable pain patients, medical & legal professionals,  academics, and caregivers who have been negatively affected by the crackdown on opioid prescribing,  which has evolved into an. UNTREATED PAIN CRISIS.  

There are over 50 million Americans who suffer from chronic pain.  Approximately 20 million high impact pain patients who require aggressive opioid medication management are now being forced to significantly DECREASE or DISCONTINUE their life saving pain  medication for no justifiable reason. 

Due to the misinformation being perpetuated by anti opioid zealots, our elected officials, media outlets, and the public are being deceived into believing that the OVERDOSE EPIDEMIC is caused by doctors over prescribing and patients diverting their meds for non medical use.  Maybe 15 years ago there was some truth to that notion, but nowadays it's almost impossible to find ANY doctor willing to treat and prescribe pain medication.  The pendulum has swung too far and our needs are being completely discounted and overlooked.  We must stand together and fight for our rights to equitable representation!   

Statistics show that opioid prescribing has DECREASED by more than 30% over the last several years and  government has ordered yearly CUTS in production quotas, yet overdose deaths continue to skyrocket due to the rampant use & abuse of heroin and illicitly manufactured FENTANYL/CARFENTANIL (a/k/a elephant tranquilizer) being smuggled into our country through various sources.  

These facts alone should serve as a clear testament that the “CRISIS” is NOT  being fueled by legally prescribed pain medication, however the UNTREATED PAIN CRISIS continues to be ignored and dismissed, allowing innocent law abiding citizens to suffer in silence.   

Now, because of government interference and threats by DEA & regulatory agencie, a vast majority of  pain management doctors, pain clinics, and private practitioners throughout the country are abruptly cutting our meds, discharging thousands of patients, or closing their doors leaving countless patients with few options.   Many are turning to the illicit market out of desperation, or sadly thousands  have resorted to choosing suicide to escape the debilitating pain.  This practice is utterly inhumane and unacceptable.  It will only get worse if this is allowed to continue.

There are several factors and aspects surrounding this issue which goes way back to the precipice of the war on drugs.  But right now,  our main objective is to educate the public through  the media, and meet with legislators in an attempt to implement  a Pain Patients Protection Policy & Bill of Rights on the state and federal level .  

Our government is attempting to solve one problem only to create another so we must act swiftly in order to preserve our rights and put an end to the suffering of millions of pain patients throughout our country.  

We look forward to working together to create meaningful change!


The Pain Warriors Unite Team

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