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Action Needed NOW!


Fellow Warriors,

So many of us are suffering the consequences of the crackdown on opioid prescribing, and many 

advocates have worked feverishly since the release of the 2016 CDC Guidelines for Prescribing Opioids 

for Chronic pain to reverse the harmful effects on those of us in the pain community. It's taken an 

enormous amount of time and effort, but everything is finally falling into place.

This is a significant milestone for pain patients, and gives us the footing to take the necessary steps to 

actually garner the respect and attention we deserve. 

The following Reports & Notices issued by various government agencies clearly acknowledge the 

urgency of our plight:

Human Rights Watch Report entitled “Not Allowed to Be Compassionate”

AMA Resolution 235 (Pages 24-28)

CDC Press Release

Clarification Letter from the CDC

FDA Drug Safety Notice

CDC Response to HP3 Letter

HHS Pain Management Task Force Final Report

These Reports and Notices will lay the groundwork to ensure that our Policy Makers put protections in 

place for both physicians and pain patients, and to ultimately implement a National Pain Policy that

clearly defines and stipulates such protections.

We need ALL hands on deck to take immediate action in order to get this information into the hands of 

our State and Federal Representatives & Regulatory Agencies & we need YOU to download  the file below and follow the instructions. 


1. RESOLVED that our AMA affirms that some patients with acute or chronic pain can benefit from taking opioids at greater dosages than recommended by the CDC Guidelines for Prescribing Opioids for chronic pain and that such care may be medically necessary and appropriate.

2. RESOLVED that AMA advocate against the misapplication of the CDC Guidelines for Prescribing Opioids by pharmacists, health insurers, pharmacy benefit managers, legislatures, and governmental and private regulatory bodies in ways that prevent or limit access to opioid analgesia

3. RESOLVED that our AMA advocate that no entity should use MME (morphine milligram equivalents) thresholds as anything more than guidance, and physicians should not be subject to professional discipline, loss of board certification, loss of clinical privileges, criminal prosecution, civil liability, or other penalties or practice limitations solely for prescribing opioids at a quantitative level above the MME thresholds found in the CDC Guidelines for Prescribing Opioids.

Links To Articles: 


AMA: ‘Inappropriate Use’ of CDC Guideline Should Stop

AMA Delegates Back Physician Freedom in Opioid Prescribing

CDC guidelines are well-intentioned but shouldn't restrict prescribing, they sa


Form Letter & Instructions 



More Calls To Action

Please take action now!


Tell Congress: Americans have a right to timely access to treatment!

Americans across the country are experiencing significant delays in their access to care due to time-consuming and often unnecessary prior authorization requirements from their health insurance companies. Patients who have spent hard-earned dollars on insurance premiums suddenly find themselves unable to receive necessary medical treatment due to these onerous insurer policies.

The process of prior authorization as it currently stands is overused and inefficient. I urge you to work towards a solution to this problem that will reduce the burdens on both patients and physicians. 

The Prior Authorization and Utilization Management Reform Principles created by a coalition representing physicians, medical groups, pharmacists, hospitals, and patients outlines key changes needed to protect patients' access to timely care and reduce administrative hassles for health care professionals. We urge you to review the Principles and include these important concepts in prior authorization reform legislation. Americans have a right to timely access to treatment!

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