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The Practice of Medicine has Been Hijacked by the Government

Our compassionate Health Care Providers are under assault from State & Federal Regulators,  Law Enforcement Agencies and Policy Makers. 

We need ALL Health Care Professionals  to join our movement to restore the sacred doctor patient relationship, patient autonomy, and help implement  balanced policies that focus on  individualized treatment based on each patients complexities and specific needs. 

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Protect Your Practice While Protecting Your Patients

Navigating New Opioid Prescribing Requirements: Practical Legal Advice for PCPs & Pain Specialists

By Angie Drakulich, Managing Editor

With presentations from Lynn Webster, MD, and Michael Barnes, Esq

Perhaps one of the most well-attended sessions at the 2018 annual meeting of the American Academy of Pain Medicine was a unique presentation featuring Lynn Webster, MD, and Michael Barnes, Esq, on how changes in legislation and litigation are affecting patient care. The duo provided an engaging back-and-forth dialogue in which Dr. Webster posed common, but perhaps unvoiced, questions living in the minds of pain practitioners today, and Dr. Barnes offered a legal response.* Presented in the context of the United States’ declared national public health emergency on opioids, an increase in DEA investigations into physicians working with chronic pain patients, and a slew of legal shifts, the session provided practical recommendations for today’s healthcare provider who may be concerned about opioid prescribing.

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Breaking News in the Pain Community

The Mainstream Media is finally reporting about what's really happening to MILLIONS of pain patients across our country! 

Click HERE to read the latest groundbreaking coverage aabout the untreated pain crisis. 

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