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Featured Websites & Groups

Featured Websites & Groups


Please visit & join the Websites and Groups below if they are of interest to you.

Doctors of Courage

Doctors of Courage Website


To inform the public of the  action of the US Justice Department  to persecute medical professionals in order to confiscate their hard-earned assets.  No other profession has been attacked in this manner.

American Chronic Pain Association

American Chronic Pain Association


Click below to visit The American Chronic Pain Association. 

Video Your Pain

Video Your Pain Website


Click below to visit Website for more info on how to submit your video! 

War on Pain Patients



This page is dedicated to providing the TRUE FACTS, debunking the false data being propagated by our government agencies and the media. This is a "working group", and everyone is welcome who would like to help our cause by doing whatever you can to get our voices heard to restore our rights to have pain medicine administered based on our individual needs, not limited by some unscientific CDC “guideline”.    

War on Pain Private Group:

Arachnoiditis & Tarlov Cyst Support

ASAP Awareness Page & Support Group


ASAP Awareness Page : 

ASAP is dedicated to the prevention and awareness of a painful, spinal disease, Arachnoiditis. Our goal is to stop the epidemic of harm once and for all.

Arachnoiditis support group :

The Tarlov Cyst Society of America Awareness Page & Support Group


The Tarlov Cyst Society of America is part of an internationally linked, peer support and advocacy group. 

Tarlov Cyst Society Of America support group:

Sick of Suffering

Sick of Suffering Website


Home of U.S. Marine Robert Rose's Lawsuit against the VA Hospital now known as Operation Starburst. 

Join the lawsuit by filing in YOUR State today.   Contact Robert Rose for assistance. 


Click below to get involved.   

War Against Chronic Pain

War Against Chronic Pain


We are a community of patients who suffer from chronic pain daily. It is our desire that the government step out of the medical business, allowing our well-educated doctors to treat us according to our illnesses and long term knowledge of our individual cases. Our community will fight this war against chronic pain by educating the public.

Pain Advocates Organization

Pain & Opioid Therapy Advocacy


Click below to visit The Pain Advocates Organization  

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