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Latest Calls To Action

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Tell Congress: Americans have a right to timely access to treatment!

Americans across the country are experiencing significant delays in their access to care due to time-consuming and often unnecessary prior authorization requirements from their health insurance companies. Patients who have spent hard-earned dollars on insurance premiums suddenly find themselves unable to receive necessary medical treatment due to these onerous insurer policies.

The process of prior authorization as it currently stands is overused and inefficient. I urge you to work towards a solution to this problem that will reduce the burdens on both patients and physicians. 

The Prior Authorization and Utilization Management Reform Principles created by a coalition representing physicians, medical groups, pharmacists, hospitals, and patients outlines key changes needed to protect patients' access to timely care and reduce administrative hassles for health care professionals. We urge you to review the Principles and include these important concepts in prior authorization reform legislation. Americans have a right to timely access to treatment!

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Oregon Wants To Remove ALL Opioid Pain Medicines JUST From Medicare Patients


A group within Oregon Health Authority called HERC has been charged with making decisions for all Medicare recipients. They have decided to remove coverage for Pain Medication based on studies that do not meet federal requirements to be considered FACT.  Email, put 'VbBS/Chronic Pain' in the subject line and tell them what you think of them discrimating against chronic pain patients on Medicaid.

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Opioid Legislation Signed into Law


 Even though these bills were introduced as a way to help to the portion of our population that suffer from addiction, many  of these laws will alter the way our doctors are ALLOWED to practice medicine.  These measures will HURT pain patients even further!  




2019 Incoming U.S. Representatives

Contact Newly Elected Representatives


 Reach out to your newly elected  representatives.

Introduce yourself and let them know what is happening to thousands of their future constituents so they make it their top priority.

Please CLICK BELOW to see if  you have newly elected (incoming) U.S, Representatives/Senators in your State and District.

We have also included a handy form letter you can use to email each of them. 

You can also use this ALL IN ONE phone script to get your point across. 

Incoming Representatives

Add Your Name to the Community CDC Letter

Sign the Community CDC Letter


Health Professionals Call on the CDC to Address Misapplication of its Guideline on Opioids for Chronic Pain through Public Clarification and Impact Evaluation

HP3 - Health Professionals for Patients in Pain has Authored a Community Letter to the CDC 

Authors: Health Professionals for Patients in Pain (HP3)

The primary authors are a group of five health professionals who decided to work together on the basis of shared concern. Our effort and this website represent solely our own work and we have not obtained support from biomedical or health interests, or patient advocacy groups.

They are asking Health Professionals, Pain Patients, and Caregivers to support their efforts by signing the Community Letter. 

The formal letter to be signed by health professionals ONLY is here.

If you're NOT a health care professional, please follow the instructions below.


Individuals wishing to register their solidarity with this effort, who are NOT health professionals, including patients,  family members & caretakers can sign the Supporters PAGE by adding your information below & we will forward it to be added to the community letter on your behalf.  


Your Name,  City & State,  Your Condition (i.e. Chronic Pain Patient, Abandoned  Cancer Patient,  Disabled Veteran, Spouse of CPP, Caregiver,  etc.) plus any other information you would like to share including Your Story (Full or Abbreviated Version).

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Your Name,  City & State,  Your Condition (i.e. Chronic Pain Patient, Abandoned  Cancer Patient,  Disabled Veteran, Spouse of CPP, Caregiver,  etc.) plus any other information you would like to share including Your Story (Full or Abbreviated Version).


This Could Help ALL States

Call to Action:

Please read this letter/article from Missouri State Representative Mike Moon HERE

He is requesting the Missouri governor to pay attention to the facts and the science about PMPs and to not enact it in Missouri.  He is urging EVERYONE to call or email the Missouri Governors office in support of his suggestions.

This amazing state Representative believes that we should allow Doctors to treat their patients without over-reach and is asking for those protections. 

Let’s all encourage the Governors office to turn Missouri into a model state for treating pain patients!

Please CLICK HERE for Study from Dr. Lilly

CALL or EMAIL Governor Parson NOW!

Will you, please take time to contact Governor Parson to request a full rescinding of Executive Order 17-18?  Please urge him to restore the physician’s ability to treat their patients in a manner that’s best for the patient.  In addition, encourage Governor Parson to focus on (and fund) controlling illegal drugs (wherein the real problem lies).   

Please, make the call or email Governor Parson NOW!

Governor Parson’s contact information:             

Phone: 573-751-3222             



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